A radically different accelerator

We pair you with unicorn founders who help you rethink growth and product.

Investment $300K

Length 4 Weeks

Stage Pre-seed

As Product Hunt’s sister company, we help with distribution. The biggest names in venture—Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz—back our mission to provide access to the best minds.

The unicorn founders who will
mentor you this season.

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  • Immad Akhund profile

    Immad Akhund

    CEO at Mercury

    Before building Mercury into a $1.5 billion business, Immad spent a decade founding startups including Clickpass and Heyzap. He’s also invested in 280 startups, including 12 unicorns.






    100K+ startups

  • Shahed Khan profile

    Shahed Khan

    Co-founder at Loom

    Shahed was the co-founder and President of Loom which reached a $1.5 billion valuation last year. Since Loom, he has co-founded Prologue and is the CEO of Hyper.






    250K+ companies

  • Shishir Mehrotra profile

    Shishir Mehrotra

    CEO at Coda

    Shishir Mehrotra was an exec at YouTube and Microsoft before co-founding Coda and scaling it to a $1.4 billion valuation. He also sits on Spotify’s board.






    1M+ people

  • Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don profile

    Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don

    Co-founders at ClassDojo

    Sam and Liam are building ClassDojo to give every child on Earth an education they love. Today, it's used in 95% of K-8 schools in the US and over 150 companies worldwide.


    Series D




    50M+ people

  • Jenny Fleiss profile

    Jenny Fleiss

    Co-founder at Rent The Runway

    Jenny founded both Jetblack (in 2017) and Rent the Runway (in 2008), where she served as President and Head of Logistics and Business Development. Today, she's an advisor, investor, and a RTR board member.






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We keep seasons small to ensure you have our full attention.

We call Hyper batches “seasons.” Seasons are kept small to maximize mentorship time.

Individualized Assistance

We adapt the program to your startup’s stage.


We get in the weeds with you on growth and product. No vague fireside chats, lots of individual conversations geared towards resolving your blockers.

Top 1% Founder Network

You’ll meet the strongest founders throughout the world and join our valuable alumni group.

The proof is in the portfolio. Meet some of our founders.

spellbound cover image

Create interactive emails without coding.

“As part of the Hyper program, I received great advice from the team on recruiting. I also learned a lot from the Hyper Community on how to approach my sales strategy.”

actual cover image

ESG Transformation Platform to achieve climate goals.

“The Hyper team helped us articulate our value proposition to our customers. They helped us build a category roadmap for the first time and completely revamp our messaging.”

covey cover image

Transforming how we find and connect with talent.

“As part of the Hyper program, we focused on understanding customer needs and setting up for growth. Through the program, Covey grew sales 81% QoQ.”

equi cover image

Making elite investment strategies more accessible.

“The Hyper team helped us in key areas including growth, press, and fundraising for our Series A.”

pogo cover image

Make more money by unlocking the power of your data.

“We focused on increasing experimentation velocity as part of the program. They helped us discover levers to rapidly scale users, increase LTV, and reduce CAC by 50%.”

workdao cover image

Solving Web3 companies and DAOs employment problems.

“Hyper helped us bring our customer obsession and go-to-market strategy to the next level.”

impulse cover image

Developing the next generation home energy systems.

“They helped me scale the hardware company from having no team, to forming a founding team.”